SaidThat is on a mission to make word-of-mouth recommendations awesome! We're all about helping you discover your next favorite thing from your favorite people. Say goodbye to FOMO and fake reviews! We wanted to give you five reasons why SaidThat is your ultimate recommendation hub for movies, tv shows, podcasts, and books.

  1. Instant Recommendations
    With SaidThat, you'll get instant recommendations from your friends on movies, TV shows, podcasts, and books. No more endless scrolling through options – just real suggestions from people you trust and know right when you want them.
  2. Suggest Me
    Can't decide what to watch, read, or listen to next? Let the "Suggest Me" feature come to your rescue! Based on your friends' ratings and reviews, "Suggest Me" will find personalized recommendations for you. It's like having your own recommendation genie!
  3. Reward Points
    We believe everyone is an influencer in their own right and with SaidThat you can finally get paid like one. You can earn Reward Points for things like referring people to SaidThat, leaving ratings and reviews on items, sending people recommendations, and winning Rec Requests. Reward Points are instantly redeemable for gift cards inside the app!
  4. Rec Requests
    Need a recommendation but want to make it fun? Enter our Rec Requests feature! Ask your friends for recs, set a time limit (10mins through 1 week), and the winning rec you pick earns that friend Reward Points! Who knew getting recommendations could be so entertaining and rewarding?!
  5. Closed Community
    SaidThat is an invite-only community, so you know you're getting recommendations from people you trust. This ensures a close-knit, authentic experience where you can connect with friends and share your favorite finds. Plus it means your opinions and ratings aren't public and your data isn't solid to advertisers.

Ready to discover your next favorite thing? Join SaidThat by downloading the app here and using the invite code BLOGARTICLE and let's embark on this exciting journey of sharing and enjoying our favorite movies, TV shows, podcasts, and books together!