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Get honest opinions, stay updated, & defy mainstream critics! Receive stellar movie, book, TV, & podcast recs from friends & family. Never feel FOMO or the pain of spending time finding something new again!

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Real reviews, real people


Share and receive awesome recs so you're always seeing what matters


Find out what people think and what's hot in your network right now


Never forget a recommendation again and always have something up next

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Stop trying to keep track of things in your head

SaidThat helps you keep track of your can't miss content all in one place. You can quickly sort your queue by date, number of recommendations received, or by your friend's ratings. No more wondering what to watch, read, or listen to next! You can stop endlessly scrolling through Netflix.

Plus, any time a friend recommends you something new it's automagically added to your queue. No more forgetting awesome recommendations from the awesome people in your life.

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Instant recs from friends

Ever wonder what your friends are watching on TV? Or who else might be reading the same book as you? Or maybe you're trying to find a podcast buddy? With SaidThat you can easily see everyone who loves (or even hates) the same content as you.

Instantly see the top movies, TV shows, podcasts, or books that your friends like that you haven't checked out yet. Or maybe you'd be more interested in seeing what's divisive among your friends. Of course we have that too!

  • Privacy focused - your data isn't shared with anyone

  • No algorithms - just see the content you care about

  • No fake reviews - reviews only from people you follow

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When in doubt, ask everyone

If there's a show, movie, book, or podcast that you're curious about but none of your friends have checked it out before we have you covered! We quickly scour the internet for online reviews and ratings for the item and use AI to give you a better idea of what people are saying.

You can stop wasting time reading through endless reviews online. Most of which are fake anyways. Never again will you have to wonder if something will be a waste of time. We'll give you a quick summary of what people are saying and let you know if it's worth checking out.

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Recommend, review, and discuss it all

Whatever type of content you care about, SaidThat has you covered!

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We have answers. But you can always feel free to reach out with more! We're an open book and promise to get back to you shortly.

SaidThat is an invite app only to make sure that we can listen to our users's feedback and maintain a high quality service/community. However, any existing member on the app can invite you to the SaidThat easily either by your phone number or by sharing their referral code.

However, if you don't know anyone on SaidThat please submit your email below as we periodically send out invites to join.

SaidThat is a 100% free service to our users. You will never be charged for using SaidThat. We make money through a combination of referrals, affiliates, paid content, and our soon to be first of its kind privacy focused ad system. However, the important

TL;DR is not by selling your data to others or charging you money!

Various actions on SaidThat will earn you Reward Points. From inviting others to the app to leaving reviews and rating on your favorite items. Once you have enough points you can redeem them for gift cards inside the app or donate them to a charity of your choice!

Currently, SaidThat supports Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Books. We are working on expanding to more content types such as Video Games, Restaurants, Apps, and more. Our end goal is to be your one stop shop to share and recommend anything!