Introducing the latest update to our incredible app, SaidThat! We've added a whole new dimension to instant and authentic recommendations from your trusted circles. Get ready to meet "People SaidThat," a revolutionary feature that uses sophisticated AI to analyze and summarize reviews from across the internet about your favorite movies, TV shows, podcasts, and books. Whether you're contemplating your next binge-worthy show or in two minds about the latest box-office hit, People SaidThat can serve as your personalized guide, compiling unbiased and balanced reviews right at your fingertips.

We made this feature because let's face it, opinions on platforms like IMDB or RottenTomatoes can sometimes be skewed, influenced, or at worse bought. But worry not, because People SaidThat has your back! With the power of AI, our feature draws a clear picture by analyzing a plethora of online reviews and then presenting you with three distinctive two-sentence summaries. It tells you what the Fans think, what the Critics are saying, and how it's resonating with the Average Perso. In this way, it ensures you're not just relying on a particular group's opinion, but getting a comprehensive understanding of the wider sentiment. So, next time you're uncertain, don't forget to ask what People SaidThat! Let's embrace the era of unbiased reviews and truly democratized opinions.

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